See how users of the Kinook system have utilized our product for their own creative and innovative projects !

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Light Box with LEDs

Various styles and sizes false ceilings with lighting, built by our customers

Large Bookcase

Created by Éloďse et Clément.

This large library built on a partition wall, perfectly defines the spaces while offering many storage spaces.

Bookcases-TV stands

Various examples of bookcase / TV stands built by our customers.

Dressing room

Built by Raphačle J.

Raphačle has design and build her dressing room with multiple clothes racks, shelves and drawers.

Kitchen cabinets

Thierry A. designed and built his own fitted kitchen.
Each cabinet is custom built to optimize space and create maximum storage. Modern wall shelves add a personal touch to the whole.

video projection screen

Although not very do-it-yourselfer, Laurent A. got started into the realization of this false ceiling for his video projector screen. Once in the false ceiling, the screen is very discreet, giving back the room its original design.


Luminous ceiling

During the renovation of his bathroom, Simon.S took the opportunity to install indirect lighting on the ceiling.img src="/Files/ To do this, He created a space between the ceiling and the walls and integrated LED lighting that illuminates the bathroom harmoniously.

Room divider furniture

Built by André V.

André has designed and built this piece of furniture which fits perfectly the room dimensions. The tetris like shaped shelves and the soft light bring a modern rendering.

Sloped ceiling closet

Built by Mark et Adeline D.

In order to recover space lost in the attic, Mark and Adeline created an opening in the existing partition wall and built the closet in the new space.

Headboard / dropped ceiling

Patrice C.. wanted to give a contemporary and modern look to an old fashioned bedroom.
The construction includes a headboard, a dropped ceiling box connected together with a colorful board on the wall.

Designer shelf

Built by Alain U.

Alain has used the Designer Shelf Kit to create this beautiful shelf. The led lighting provides a unique and modern lighting rendering.

Backlit bedroom layout

Created by Paul K. (UK)

Built in a children's room, this modern and original construction was built at the head of the bed. It provides ambient lighting and a small shelf for the bedside.

Staircase shelves

Built by Patricia R.

Patricia has first created the metallic structure for 2 shelves and space to hide electrical cable for an additional plug. A small glass shelf and led spot elegantly finish the construction.

TV stand with drawers

Built by Patrick D.

This pretty piece of furniture with several drawers provides plenty of storage space and perfectly integrates a TV and electronic equipment.


Built by Bruno A.

Built against the wall, this headboard gives a modern and cosy touch to the bedroom.
The shelf space on top as well as the twin nooks on each side is perfect to accommodate alarm clocks, books or any belongings.

Suspended WC covering

Built by Pierre S.

Finalize the wall-hung toilet installation by covering the frame.
Once the metal studs are assembled, simply screw in the plasterboard.


Console table

Built by Pascal E.

Pascal has used a Nook Kit, an Extra Blocks box and C-studs to build the metallic frame. He has then covered it with 10 mm medium panels. The finishing coat gives a very pleasant concrete aspect.

Workshop cart

After assembling the metallic structure of the cart. Jean-Paul T. has then covered it with medium panels.

He also fixed 4 wheels to be able to move the cart in the workshop.

Garden shed shelves

Built by Pascale F.

Pascale has built these solid and practical shelves for all her gardening products and tools in her small garden shed.

Garage shelves

Built by Etienne M.

Easy to build and very robust, they can take plenty of loads, thanks to the metallic Studs and the 22mm side panels.
The horizontal shelves have been created with basic pine boards (10cm x 13mm) spaced so we can see through.