Inspirations and ideas to personalise your home

With the Kinook system, you can easily create customised furniture and built-in constructions to your dimensions that will fit perfectly into your interior.

On this page you will find some tips to help you design the layout of your new spaces.


Light up your home with modern and comfortable lighting

For large room the dropped ceiling will harmoniously define the spaces (meals, living room, kitchen, etc.). A visual effect can be created by, for example, positioning a dropped ceiling box just above a kitchen island (or table, work surface, etc.). The box will replicate the dimensions of the kitchen island.
A lighting box provides comfortable lighting. Contemporary and economical light sources such as LEDs can easily be installed. Lighting can be:

  • Indirect: brings a soft light to the whole space. For example, a LEDs strip is directed towards a clear ceiling and the ceiling will redistribute the light evenly.
  • Direct:The work surface or dining area is lit directly with spotlights or pendants to provide comfortable lighting
It is preferable to be able to control the lighting independently. When renovating, use wireless switches, which will avoid having to run electrical cables.

Check our step by step page to build a dropped ceiling



Easy to build in a new or existing partition wall,  niches will bring relief and depth to your walls

. Add a touch of colour and light to highlight your most beautiful objects. Shapes, colours and dimensions can be customised as desired.
Check our step by step page to build niche