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With the Kinook system, you can easily create customised furniture and built-in constructions to your dimensions that will fit perfectly into your interior.

On this page you will find some tips to help you design the layout of your new spaces.

Create your own style furniture

very original shapes Create furniture with new shapes, it's easy!
modern lines Dare to create "thick" structures which, in addition to being solid, bring a very contemporary effect
light and airy look without legs the furniture seems suspended
diy a custom design furniture
The Kinook construction technique offers a lot of freedom. Take the opportunity to create your own furniture with a unique design and original shapes.

Shelves no longer need to be strictly aligned. Dare to "assymetrical design" to bring originality and style to your furniture.

Create "thick" structures like the horizontal shelves of this mezzanine bookcase. In addition to being solid, they bring very contemporary style to the construction. It is often counter-intuitive, but thick shelves (7 cm or more) are very aesthetic, especially on large furniture.

Without a base on the ground, the bookcase seems suspended.

furniture with integrated LED lighting

Leds strips Invisible and discreet, they light up the furniture and highlight display objects
the furniture seems suspended The suspended furniture gives a very lightened, clean effect
diy a design furniture with integrated led
run Leds strip cables inside the furniture install a led strip in the furniture
iinstall a led strip in the furniture 2 We can integrate LED strips or spotlights inside the construction. This is all the easier since the electrical cables can run inside the studs or between the panels. More details on the tips & tricks page.


indirect lighting The LEDs strip is installed on the perimeter of the dropped ceiling with a small edge to conceal the LEDs. It is the light-coloured ceiling that illuminates the space.
area delimitation The dropped ceiling lighting box creates a discreet limitation of the kitchen space. It also 'breaks' the monotony of a large flat ceiling by providing volume and harmonious lighting.
direct lighting Comfortable lighting of the work space and the dining area.
double switch Independantly control direct and indirect lighting.
A recessed ceiling with lighting provides comfortable lighting. Contemporary and economical light sources such as LEDs can easily be installed. Lighting can be:

  • Indirect: brings a soft light to the whole space. For example, a LEDs strip is directed towards a clear ceiling and the ceiling will redistribute the light evenly.
  • Direct:The work surface or dining area is lit directly with spotlights or pendants to provide comfortable lighting
It is preferable to be able to control the lighting independently. When renovating, use wireless switches, which will avoid having to run electrical cables.

hood integration The hood is integrated inside the ceiling, which makes it possible to hide it with its ducts and cables.
similar shapes The dropped ceiling box takes the shape of the central island, which gives a beautiful effect.

Check our step by step page to build a dropped ceiling

indirect lighting The LEDs strip is installed on the edge of the false ceiling. The light-coloured ceiling reflects the light and brightens the room harmoniously.
false ceiling A false ceiling is created throughout the entire perimeter of the room.
Niches A coloured LEDs strip is installed inside the niches, which allows to create an ambient light and highlight pretty objects positioned in the niches.


photo-diy-recessed-ceiling-2 photo-diy-recessed-ceiling-3 photo-diy-recessed-ceiling-4 photo-diy-recessed-ceiling-5 photo-diy-recessed-ceiling-6 photo-diy-recessed-ceiling-7 photo-diy-recessed-ceiling-8
small niches Display your most beautiful objects.
large vertical niche A large vertical niche will give depth and a very contemporary touch to the room.

Easy to build in a new or existing partition wall, niches will bring depth to your walls

. Add a touch of colour and light to highlight your most beautiful objects. Shapes, colours and dimensions can be customised as desired.
contrasting colors Play with color and contrast to provide depth and volume effects.
elegant shape Give wall niche an unusual shape to provide a modern touch.


photo-diy-niche-6 photo-diy-niche-4 photo-diy-niche-1 photo-diy-niche-3 photo-diy-niche-2 photo-diy-niche-5

Check our step by step page to build niche

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