Room divider furniture

This pretty piece of furniture allows you to

divide an interior space into several parts without having to build a hard wall


Lightweight, it can be easily moved without having to fix it to the ground.

The asymmetrical shelves and the different alcoves give it a very contemporary look while providing a

large storage space and allow you to perfectly integrate a television


modern and practical design
photo-fabriquer-meuble-separation-1 photo-fabriquer-etagere-contemporaine-2
The metal structure is assembled with Kinook blocks and C-studs and then covered with medium or plaster panels.
The furniture is simply placed on the floor. It is deep enough to have a good "sitting" position and can be easily moved.
The electrical cables run within the structure, allowing them to be completely concealed.
The shelves edges are then banded with medium strips, the holes are filled with wood filler before painting.

Required Kinook blocks:

- 32 small blocks
- 16 long blocks