Who we are

Kinook, early days
Kinook is a story of

passion for DIY and home improvement

. It all began in 2012 when an attempt to build a nook-style bookshelf in a hallway turned into a real headache. Through trial and error, we came up with the idea of using connectors to create a structure with metallic rails. Our first prototypes were made of wood, then we later used 3D printing, which led to the current Kinook block system.

In 2015, we entered the Kinook block system in the concours Lépine (for innovations) and won a gold medal.

Kinook, an online platform to inspire and guide you
At Kinook, our first aim is to help you achieve your home improvement projects. We have designed the Kinook system for this purpose, and have also created an online platform with rich and creative content where you can find plenty of ideas, tips, and tutorials. For more inspiration, we publish a wide range of DIY projects tested by our team or sent to us by Kinook users.

We have also handpicked

a selection of useful tools to help you in your home improvement endeavors


Kinook, 100% made in France
A core value at Kinook is that our products are designed and made in France. This ensures a high standard of quality, but also guarantees that the products you purchase are produced close to home. All our Kinook production tools are designed and made in the Rhône Alpes region in France, and Kinook blocks are produced in the Occitanie region in the south of France.

Kinook, a socially responsible firm
In order to minimise our carbon footprint, we privilege local short supply circuits:

  - The production of

Kinook blocks and metallic studs

, printing of labels, and packaging services are all within a 100-km radius, thus reducing long-distance transport of merchandise.
  - For packaging, Kinook works in partnership with an ESAT, a support and work assistance establishment which employs disabled workers.
  - We pack orders precisely to reduce packaging and wrapping waste.
  - Kinook blocks are made with ABS fireproof filament, which although not biodegradable, can be recycled. The ABS symbol on Kinook products ensures that it is easy to identify and recycle the material.