False ceiling for a video projection screen

The false ceiling box is fixed to the ceiling. It perfectly integrates a remote controlled video projector screen and its electrical wiring.

Once retracted the screen is very discreet, it disappears completely inside the box

. Easy to build with a dropped ceiling kit.  Dimensions can be easily adapted to those of the screen and the room. Enjoy the original design of your room when your home movie theater system is not in use.

LEDs strip can also be added to the outline of the box.

perfect integration of the sreen
false-ceiling-video-projection-screen-2 false-ceiling-video-projection-screen-4
As per the

construction of a dropped ceiling

, we have assembled the metal framework. Then we have installed the lateral facing panels to solidify and stiffen the assembly. To finish, the screen was integrated into the horizontal panel and attached to the frame.

Required Kinook blocks :
  - A dropped ceiling kit