The construction of a closet


Kinook blocks required for this project: 

This closet has been built under a

sloping ceiling

The first step is to cut out the  closet shape from the wall.
Polystyrene blocks are installed for insulation. Then we started to assemble the metal structure with the studs and the Kinook blocks.

diy cupboard 1 diy cupboard 2

As we progress we fix the panels to the metal structure to provide stability and strength to the construction.

We remembered to leave a gap (6-7 cm) between the wall and the shelves for the sliding doors

diy cupboard 3 diy cupboard 4

One of the advantages of the Kinook system is blocks slide inside the studs for accurate level positioning.

We finish by installing the 

sliding doors

after cutting them to the closet dimensions. Et voilà ! 
diy cupboard 5 diy cupboard 6