Stud finder
22.90 EUR
This stud Detector allows you to easily find metal framing studs in walls.
33.90 EUR
Cut metallic studs precisely
Jab Saw
13.80 EUR
Jab saw
Easily create cut-outs in panels
17.90 EUR
Forged aviation snip
Fast cut studs and metal sheet
Foldable utility knife
16.90 EUR
Heavy-duty utility knife
Cut plasterboard precisely
Mini Plane
9.80 EUR
Mini plane
Rapidly adjust plasterboard dimensions
Drywall bits
3.90 EUR
2 x Philips drywall bits
Perfectly screw in plasterboard
12.20 EUR
Easy lock sander
For your DIY projects sanding and finishing
Joint Knife
10.50 EUR
Joint knife
For high finishing performance