Jab Saw

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Jab Saw

Easily create cut-outs in panels

The double-sided blade allows multi-directional cutting, making it easy to cut through any panel.
The trident-shaped end makes creating a starter-hole quick and efficient

- Light and easy to handle
- Ergonomic and comfortable bi-material handle
- 150 mm blade with teeth on both side for multi-directional cutting
- Trident-shaped head for making starter hole
- Length : 300 mm

- Manufactured by: EDMA

   2 years Warranty


Holster included

Easily cut through panels

diy-tool-jab-saw-photo-1 diy-tool-jab-saw-photo-2
Poking a starting hole with the trident-shaped head Multi-directional cutting made easy with teeth on both sides of the blade
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