Large spring clamp

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Large spring clamp
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A very useful "third hand"

With a large opening of up to 90 mm, this spring clamp will assist you in all your constructions.

Very usefull for Kinook based constructions, the large opening allows 2 thick panels to be clamped together against a stud.
It holds the panels firmly in place, allowing you to adjust levels and dimensions precisely. With both hands free you can screw the panels precisely into the studs.

  1. #How to#

    Large opening

    Firm hold of the panels
    large-spring-clamp spring-clamp-wide-opening
  2. #Details#
    • Pressure: 10-11 kg
    • Length: 235 mm
    • Width: 155mm
    • Weight: 195 g
    • Flexible pivot foot pads for even pressure
    • Notched jaws for a good hold
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