19.90 EUR
Quickly cut metallic studs

Professionnal quality nibbler

for easily and effortlessly cutting metallic studs, tracks or metal sheets up to 1.2mm thick.

This good quality nibbler will allow you to make many cuts.

The cuts are clean and burr-free

, which makes it easy to insert the Kinook blocks into the studs.

Aluminium, vinyl or PVC tiles (up to 2 mm thick) can also be cut.
  1. #Details#
    - Comfortable handler with finger protection
    - Rapid cuttings of up to 42 mm per snip
    - Powerful and long lasting handle spring
    - Reinforced jaw
    - Cut metal sheets up to 1.2 mm thick
    - Length : 250 mm
    - 2 years warranty
  2. #nibbler or snip ? #
    Professionals use both, it is a just a question of habit.

    Here are a few comparison elements to guide you in making the right choice :
    - Cutting will be slightly faster with a snip than with a nibbler. However, more strength is needed to handle a snip and the cut will slightly deform the studs (especially small edges). Nothing too serious, these can be straightened with pliers once the cut has been made.
    - It is easier to make straight cuts when using the nibbler due to better visibility. However, a nibbler is a little more expensive than an aviation snip.



    + Fast cutting
    Studs deformed during cutting
    Demand more strength to operate



    + Ease of use
    Slower cutting
    Moderately higher price

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