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NibblerPrecise cuts with minimum effort

Professional quality nibbler for easily and effortlessly cutting metallic studs, tracks or metal sheets up to 1.2mm thick

Comfortable handle
- Integrated chip clipper
Ultra-resistant replaceable blade
- Lenght : 265 mm

- Made in France
- Manufactured by: EDMA

 2 year warranty


Easily cut metallic studs


Choosing the right tool: Nibbler or Snip ?

Professionals use both, it is a just a question of habit.

Here are a few comparison elements to guide you in making the right choice :
- Cutting will be slightly faster with a snip than with a nibbler. However, more strength is needed to handle a snip and the cut will slightly deform the studs a little (especially small edges). Nothing too serious, these can be straightened with pliers once the cut has been made.
- It is easier to make straight cuts when using the nibbler due to better visibility. However, a nibbler is a little more expensive than an aviation snip.

 DIY-tools-aviation-snip  DIY-tool-nibbler
 + Fast cutting
  Studs deformed during cutting 
  Demand more strength to operate
 + Ease of use
  Slower cutting
  Moderately higher price

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