Build a modern TV stand

First, begin by tracing the outline of the

TV stand

onto the wall.
Screw the metallic C-Studs onto the wall.
The necessary cable conduits and all the cabling have been installed beforehand

Assemble the metallic structure using the Kinook blocks and metallic C-studs. Install the panels (here 6mm medium panels) as you go along.

For the upper shelves, start with the vertical panels to guarantee a solid base for

the horizontal shelves.

- We have also used plasterboard (6mm thick) for some of the panels.
- The structure is not screwed into the floor, as with this type of construction the TV stand will be sufficiently stable once finished .

Once the structure is finished, band the edges. Here we have used 6cm wide MDF slats.
An aluminum foot serves as a solid support for the long horizontal shelf.

Plug the holes with wood filler, sand then apply a finishing compound before painting.

Construction Details 
The lower central box structure is created with the help of two long Kinook blocks and a short lenght of C-stud which have been screwed into the existing structure as shown below.
A space between the wall and the shelves is left to allow cable management.


 have been installed along the fringes of the TV stand. A plastic slat has been installed before fixing the panels. The slat hides the LEDs and their power cables.

download the plan plan-meuble-TV

Required Kinook blocks:

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