Build a large built-in bookcase

This bookcase is made of wood panels screwed into a metallic structure which has been assembled with the Kinook system.

This construction technique has greatly simplified the construction and allowed customized design such as the small niche, in the middle, or the adjustable shelves. Very solid, this bookcase can easily support the weight of all the books.

Project starts by tracing the construction outline onto the wall. It will provide a guide for fixing the metallic studs on the wall and also provides a realistic view of the construction dimensions and proportions. Adjustments of the design can still be made at this stage.

Assemble the metallic structure using the Kinook blocks and metallic C-studs. Install the panels as you go along.
Note: plasterboard panel has been used for the shelves top panels.

Once the structure is finished, band the edges. Here we have used wood plinths.Plug the holes with wood filler, sand then apply a finishing compound before painting.

Adjustable shelves have been installed using small shelf bracketsEt voilą !

Construction details 

small niche

has been created with plasterboard panels.
Notice also the small depth difference between the central part of the bookcase and the sides, it allows different shelf sizes and provides an elegant and personalised look for this bookcase.
The first row of shelves is raised about 10cm from the floor to allow the room wall plinth to continue against the bookcase.

Required Kinook blocks: