100 Wooden Shims

6.50 EUR
100 Wooden Shims

100 interlocking Wooden shims

Because a wall is never perfectly straight and a cut is never perfect, our wooden shims will allow you to

precisely adjust the levels and dimensions of your constructions to the millimeter

. With a width of 10 mmm, these shims are well adapted to panels used for constructions such as bookcases, TV units or shelves.

Each colour corresponds to a thickness, ranging from 1 to 5 mm, which makes them easy to identify.
  • 20 shims, 1mm thickness: natural wood
  • 20 shims, 2mm thickness: green
  • 20 shims, 3mm thickness: orange
  • 20 shims, 4mm thickness: brown
  • 20 shims, 5mm thickness: yellowwood
  1. #HOW TO#

    Precise thickness spacing

    Made of compact wood, the shims will support the weight of the above shelves and create a solid base between the vertical panels and the C-studs.
    If necessary, they can be stacked to reach the desired adjustment.
    the narrow width allows easy panels assembly


  2. #DETAILS#
    Wood: Beech, calibrated and sanded.
    • Length: 70mm
    • Width: 10mm
    • Ecological: water-based coloring process
    • Fungicide and insecticide treated
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