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X 4 Crimping rails

danger   Metallic studs and panels are not  included in the kit 

This kit allows homemakers to create a niche using a pre-existing wall as rear support. If this is not the case, use the Niche Kit.

 Add a personal touch to your interior

Whether you wish to showcase a particular object, design a fitted alcove for a bed, create a niche in which to install a wash basin, a shelving unit or a bookcase, etc the possibilities are near endless. All measurements can be adapted to your needs and desires, lighting can be easily added, and you can stylize your project by playing around with colors and contrasts. Your completed projects not only be in perfect harmony with your home interior, but also add a personalised touch.

 Simple DIY 

Integrating a plasterboard niche into an existing wall, or during construction and renovation projects has never been this easy. The different sized blocks (small and large) included in the Kinook Niche can be assembled in various ways to create different shapes.  These shapes guide the metallic studs necessary for the metallic structure into place, thereby ensuring that the niche be composed of perfectly right angles. The small clamping rails secure the structure during the installation process, and serve as a support base for panels. The Niche kit includes a detailed manual with step-by-step illustrations in order to assist you in your projects.

 Suited to all your needs and measurement requirements

The dimensions of the niche are adaptable according to your needs. Acquire metallic studs (48mm wide, M48 type) which you then cut to size, use the kit to assemble the metallic structure, and lastly, install your panels inside the niche. You can use plasterboard, wood, melamine, MDF, or any other type of panel screw them into the metallic structure following the plasterboard construction technique.

Discover the step by step construction. 

Project examples:

photo-niche-placo-simple-salon photo-niche-placo-salon photo-niche-placo-salle-eau

download the manual
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