Build a niche in an existing partition wall

The niche is created in an existing drywall partition wall

. We start by tracing the location and cutting the plasterboard with a saw.
Small notches are made at the 4 corners (inside only) so as to be able to position the Kinook blocks which will hold the metal structure.
photo-fabriquer-niche-placo-1 photo-fabriquer-niche-placo-1 photo-fabriquer-niche-placo-3
Position the Kinook blocks and C-studs inside the space in between the two plasterboards.

Build the metal structure, check levels and screw the first panel board on the metallic structure.
photo-fabriquer-niche-placo-4 photo-fabriquer-niche-placo-5 photo-fabriquer-niche-placo-6

Install the remaining panels. The bottom panel will be installed last.
photo-fabriquer-niche-placo-7 photo-fabriquer-niche-placo-8 ;photo-fabriquer-niche-placo-9