DIY: Sliding Door Closet     

Kinook blocks required for this projet: 

The metallic track-studs fixed on the

sloping ceiling

hold the vertical studs

Leave a space between the shelves and the closet front for the sliding doors.

2 small blocks are used to assemble the shelves' horizontal studs as per picture on the right.

Track-studs are fixed on the floor and then crimped to the C-studs. See Kinook for beginners

Shelves structure details


Construction stages 

Constructions with the Kinook system are built from the bottom up:
  • Fix the studs into the wall.
  • Assemble the bottom level of the metallic structure.
  • Adjust the space between the shelves and the closet front to allow enough room for the 

    sliding doors.

  • Cut and fix lower panels (yellow on picture on the right).
These panels are key as they secure the entire structure once screwed into the studs. They not only strengthen the structure, but also support its entire weight. Make sure you size these panels properly and choose the correct material (wood, plasterboard etc ...).


  • Install the shelf's horizontal panels.

  • Note: Wood can be used for the top panel (support heavy weight), plasterboard can be used for the lower one.

  • Build the next levels in the same way. 

  • Place the upper panel. 

  • Place the side panel.

  • Plug holes and cracks with jointing compound. Sand, and paint. 

  • Install the sliding doors.

Et Voilà !