128 Small Kinook Blocks

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128 Small Kinook  Blocks

Give  carte blanche to your imagination and your creativity:

With  the Kinook system it  has never been so easy to add a personal touch to your interior. Our system allows you to easily build a metal structures using standard and ubiquitous drywall metallic studs that you then cover with  material of your choice  such as plasterboard, wood, melamine, MDF or any other material.
Customized built-in constructions such as bookcases, integrated TV furniture , niches, shelves, lighting boxes, or even boxes to hide unpleasant  pipes etc are now in your reach. Even areas usually difficult to furbish such as under a staircase or a sloping ceiling can now be fully utilized and customized. 

 Easy DIY:

The Kinook blocks can be assembled in various ways to create a great variety of different shapes to meet almost every construction need. These shapes serve as a guide for the metallic studs to ensure the construction of a perfectly right angled metallic structure.

Tailored to your needs:

Dimensions are adaptable to your needs. Acquire metallic studs (48mm wide, M48 type) which you then cut to the desired size for your construction project. Use the Kinook blocks to assemble the metallic structure, and lastly, cover it with panels. Choose the panels materials such as plasterboard, wood, melamine, MDF, etc... 

kinook-small-block-technical-specifications     kinook-small-block 

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