C-stud As the C-stud is rectangular (48x36mm) this gives plenty of options to create shapes of various form. Hence the numerous holes in the long Kinook block. As a result, we can create shelves of different width.

On our manuals and tutorials, the Kinook shapes are identified by a letter (A to Z)

Assembling 2 C-studs

Simplest assembly of two C-studs. Examples

shape-A shape-z shape-U

Assembling 3 C-studs

Generally used to assemble the studs in the angles (corners) of the metal structure.

shape-B shape-C shape-D shape-E shape-F
shape-G shape-S shape-V shape-W shape-Y

Assembling 4 C-studs

Used to connect studs on the sides of the metal structure

shape-H shape-I shape-k
shape-L shape-M shape-N shape-Q

Assembling 5 C-studs

They are usually found in the middle of the metal structure

shape-O shape-P


There are many possibilities to combine the blocks together, here are a few unusual shapes used in specific constructions..

shape-R special shape 1 special shape 2
Used to create a dropped ceiling Connect connecter
2 studs
Used for a closet

Metallic structure example

build a bookshelve