Fireplace built-in bookcase


Built around the fireplace, this magnificent open bookcase brings depth and design to Cathy’s living room.

Several lighting spots create a pleasant lighting ambiance to the room, while emphasizing the items on display in the different niches.

An integrated and custom bookcase
With the Kinook system, Cathy was able to entirely customize her built-in bookcase, and integrate it with her fireplace.

The metallic frame was built using Kinook blocks and metal C-studs. 10mm thick medium panels (mdf) were then screwed directly onto this frame. Electric cabling for the lighting spots were integrated inside the frame, thus making them perfectly invisible.

Careful finishing of the bookcase has given a beautiful result.

This fireplace built-in brings decorative accents to the living room

, while providing ample storage space.

Required Kinook blocks: