32 Long Kinook Blocks

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32 Long Kinook Blocks
  • 32 Long Kinook Blocks
  • 32 Long Kinook Blocks
  • 32 Long Kinook Blocks
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Create METAL frame with standard studs

Create your own furniture or build-in construction

by assembling a metallic structure that you then cover with 

material of your choice  such as plasterboard, wood, Fermacell

, etc.

The long block is the main piece of the Kinook system.  Other blocks connect to it, through one of the many holes. Blocks can be assembled in various ways to create a great variety of different shapes to meet almost every construction need.

Made of thick, recyclable and high quality plastic, it fits perfectly with another block.
  1. #Details#
    Kinook-grande-cale-vue-dessous passage-cable-montant Kinook-grandee-cale-specifications-techniques
    Its shape allows cables to be run between the block and the stud
  2. #How to#
    petite-cale-M48 assemblage-3-m48

    Screws won't break the plastic.
  3. #videos# Why so many holes ?
  4. #other packaging#
    petite-cale petite-cale
    x 16 x 64
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