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X 39 X 9
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X 12 manuel-fabriquer-bibliotheque
Crimping rails Detailed manual

danger   Metallic studs and panels are not  included in the kit 

• Add a personal touch to your interior :

Our bookcase kit allows you to easily re-design your interior: customize areas under sloping-ceilings or staircases, create a personalised built-in bookcase, etc…The possibilities are near endless. All measurements can be adapted to your needs and desires, lighting can be easily added, and you can stylize your project by playing around with colors and contrasts. Your completed projects not only be in perfect harmony with your home interior, but also add a personalised touch.

• Several mounting options:

The bookcase Kit allows for various mounting styles – for instance, select the thickness of your shelves, or add a baseboard at the bottom of the unit for a plinth, or mount it under a sloping ceiling.

• Simple DIY :

The Kinook blocks can be assembled in various ways to create different shapes. These shapes serve as a guide for the metallic studs to ensure the construction of a perfectly right angled metallic structure. Cover it with panels.

• Suited to all your needs and measurement requirements:

The dimensions of the shelves are adaptable according to your needs. Acquire metallic studs (48mm wide, M48 type) which you then cut to size, use the kit to assemble the metallic structure, and lastly, cover the structure with panels. Choose the panels materials such as wood, melamine, MDF, etc... Screw them into the metallic structure.

Discover the construction photos.

• Project examples:

fabriquer-bibliotheque-placo-4-etageres photo-fabriquer-bibliotheque-placo-6-etageres

download the manual

Use the bookcase Kit as your starting base, then build up from it using our complementary block boxes.
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