The construction technique starts with the building of a metallic frame with Kinook blocks and metallic studs.
Then we screw the inside panels to the frame and finish the structure with a second metallic frame. It is easy to build and angles are perfectly square.

 picture-diy-console-1 picture-diy-console-2 picture-diy-console-3

We then fix the external panels to the metallic structure and finalize the edges with wooden board (plinth size).
The assembly of metallic studs and wooden panels makes a very solid construction, proof is on the picture !
 picture-diy-console-4 picture-diy-console-5 picture-diy-console-6

Plug the holes with filler, sand then apply a finishing compound before painting.

 picture-diy-console-7 picture-diy-console-8 picture-diy-console-9

Et voilà !