A console table

Constructed with medium plates screwed onto a metal frame,

this console is simple to build and is within reach of any DIYer


It is very strong and will support heavy objects.

Customize dimensions and colors according to your taste and interior.

3D view
console-table-plan console-table-3dview


For this construction , we used 10 mm  medium (or MDF) panels.

The construction starts with the building of a metallic frame with Kinook blocks and metallic studs.
The inner plates are screwed onto this metal frame. Adjust the frame so that there is no gap between the plates.
A little coating or glue can be added to the edges of the plates as indicated in the finishing section.
Build-console-table-step-1 Build-console-table-step-2

The metal frame is finalized and the inner plates are screwed onto it.
To ensure that the plates are well joined together, they are positioned flush with the metal studs.
The outer facing plates are then fixed. Then the edges are banded with 7 cm wide boards (or plinths).
Build-console-table-step-3 Build-console-table-step-4

Plug the holes with filler. Sand then apply a finishing compound before painting.
Build-console-table-step-5 Build-console-table-step-6 Build-console-table-step-7

Et voilą !

Build-console-table-step-8 Build-console-table-step-9

It is solid. The proof !
Required Kinook blocks
  • 8 long blocks
  • 16 small blocks
= nook kit
download the plan
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