Backlit bedroom layout

This very original creation is built into a children's bedroom at the head of the bed.

A light strip is installed inside making it completely invisible. The lighting can be adjusted in intensity and colour to create different lighting ambiances.

 integrated and concealed light strip

photo-fabriquer-etagerchambre-1 pphoto-fabriquer-etagerchambre-2
We first started by screwing the studs onto the walls and ceiling. Then we assemble the metallic structure with the Kinook blocks and C-studs.
At each round edges, we've fixed a metallic slate to create a nice arc. We then screwed a stud which we had made cuts (every ~2cm) to allow it to bend and scored and snapped a plasterboard every 1/2 inch and laid it in place and screwed it to the frame.
photo-fabriquer-etagerchambre-3 photo-fabriquer-etagerchambre-4
Once the

metal structure is finished, we covered it with plasterboard

Notice the space between the side and the inside. This space allows the light strip to be installed and concealed.

For finishing, we plug every holes with plaster, sand then applied a finishing compound before painting.