64 Mini-blocks

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64 Mini-blocks
  • 64 Mini-blocks
  • 64 Mini-blocks
  • 64 Mini-blocks
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Create thin metal frames

The mini-block is an extension of the Kinook system.

It allows the use of lining channels to create thinner metal frames as the lining channel is only 17 mm thick.

Compatible with the existing small and large Kinook block, it provides the possibility of using lining channels (in addition to the C-studs) to create metal frames.

Made of thick, recyclable and high quality plastic, it fits perfectly with another block 

  1. #Details#
    Its shape allows cables to be run between the block and the stud.
    passage-cable mini-cale-dessous

  2. #HOW TO#
    connecting 2 lining channels connecting lining channel with C-studs
    montage-fourrure-metallique montage-M48-fourrure assemblage-montant-fourrure-metallique
    mini-petite-cale mini-grande-cale mini-petite-cale
    2 Mini-blocks Mini and long blocks Mini and small blocks

    As the dimensions of the lining channels vary slightly from one manufacturer to another, it is possible that the mini-block slides too freely inside the lining channel. To remedy this, slightly fold the edges of the lining channel , as shown in the figure below.. mini-block inside-lining-channel

  3. #Example#
    Construction example
    The inside thinner shelf is created with lining channels connected to the C-stud with mini-blocks
  4. #other packaging#
    mini-cale mini-cale
    x 32 x 128